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Join the III Percent Society for America!
Join the III Percent Society!
Membership Package includes: Tactical cap with III Patch, III Society Shoulder Patch, Membership Tab, and personalized III Percent Society Member Card including your personal Call Sign!
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III Percent Calling Cards 
Cards: III Flag
III Society logo
Sat Cong

(Sat Cong = 'Kill Communists')
III Percent Calling Cards

Need to leave a calling card?

A Night Letter?

Just share your email addy with a new ally?

These color III cards are ideal for any message.  They are the size and thickness of playing cards, and identical to the cards often left behind by US Special Forces in Vietnam.

The back of the cards are greyscale so you can write on them.

Sold in packs of 52 - 17 of each style with an extra to make the deck right.
III Percent Calling Cards

III Percent Patriot Calling Cards

Ships within 24 hours
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