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Special Training Offer: Garrote for the Patriot

Purchase a III Arms Company garrote and you are entitled to a FREE
3-hour training class on this potent weapon at the Jedburgh Academy in North Idaho.  Techniques include stealth implementation, closing the gap, defensive techniques while employing the garrote, and more.  Successful completion of this class earns credit from the Jedburgh Academy toward satisfaction of the Combatives program.  Classes held in North Idaho.  Free training certificate is good for 2 years after purchase.
Garrote - Made in USA by III Arms Company Garrote

Based on the original OSS design. 

Ideal for the III Percent Patriot who needs a silent, flexible, easily concealed and efficient weapon.

Handles are 3" long, .5" diameter.  Each end is engraved with the III logo.

Wire is 23" micro-braided stainless steel, with nylon coating.

Manufactured in America by
III Arms Company

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