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Join the III Percent Society for America!
Join the III Percent Society!
Membership Package includes: Tactical cap with III Patch, III Society Shoulder Patch, Membership Tab, and personalized III Percent Society Member Card including your personal Call Sign!
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 2x3 - Ideal for tactical caps
OD & Black
Velcro Backing
In Stock

III Tactical Cap - OD

Includes III front patch
Molon Labe tab on back

III Percent Tactical Cap - OD

plus S&H

Ships within 24 hours
In Stock

III IFF Patch Package

The ability to IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) is a critical and immediate necessity when Liberty Forces are forced into action.

Make sure your hat, clothing, packs and gear identifies you as a III Patriot!

This IFF Package includes one of each patch shown.  All are OD & Black, with velcro backing.
III IFF Patch Package

plus S&H

Ships within 24 hours

IIIPercent Rightful Liberty War Eagle Patch  III War Eagle Patch

IFF yourself and your Team immediately with this limited edition III Percent patch for Patriots.  The War Eagle faces the arrows in times of war - and Liberty is at war with Tyranny today in America.

Rightful Liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. - Thomas Jefferson

Whether you wear this III patch on your sleeve, jacket or gear bags/packs - it identifies you as a serious Patriot.
Rightful Liberty / War Eagle Patch

III Percent War Eagle Rightful Liberty Patch
Ships within 24 hours

 This patch is 4' round, with velcro backing.

III Percent Patriot Brown & Tan IFF Patch  III Percent IFF Patch

Desert Brown & Tan with velcro backing.

2x3 - ideal fit on tactical caps. gear bags, and more.
III IFF Patch - Brown/Tan

III Percent Tan IFF Patch

Ships within 24 hours

III Commss Patch  III Percent Comms Patch

Ideal for your Comms Team.

Velcro backing.
III Comms Patch

III Percent Comms Officer Patch

Ships within 24 hours

 Molon Labe Tab in Ancient Greek  Molon Labe
in Ancient Greek

'Come take' as Leonidas challenged the Persians - and as American Patriots challenge modern Tyrants.

1" x 4" tab for the back of your tactical caps, sleeves, gear bags, wherever you need to announce to the world where you stand.
 Molon Labe Tabs
III Percent Molon Labe Tab

Ships within 24 hours

III Militia Tab   III Militia Tab

Stand and be counted!

1x4 with velcro back

III Militia Tabs

III Percent Militia Tab

Ships within 24 hours

Spartan III Percent Patch  Spartan Helm III Percent Patch

This embroidered Spartan Helm patch is awesome!

4" tall with velcro backing - ideal for your uniform, jacket, packs or gear bags.
Spartan Helm III Percent Patch

III Percent Spartan Helm Patch

Ships within 24 hours

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